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Welcome to American Real Estate Inspection. My name is Steven Dehlinger, I am a CREIA Master Certified Inspector. I hope to give you enough information regarding myself and the Inspection process to help you make an “Informed Decision” regarding your inspection needs. I am so confident of my Inspection and Fee that I provide guarantees for both. (see below)


My web site is not flashy, but there is a great deal of information here. Please invest some time to read over the web site and check out some of the links; I’m confident you will find it time well spent. If you do spend some time here, you’re going to get an ear-full of my personal opinions and biases. I’m certainly not the most experienced inspector, but my “CREIA Master” status marks me as one of the very best…. There are over Two-Thousand Home Inspectors in California; less than two hundred of us have achieved CREIA “Master” Certified Inspector status. I know many of the most experienced and respected Inspectors, and spend a fair amount of time with them. I will put everything I’ve learned from them, still learn from them, and then some, into practice for you and your family.

(Please E-Mail me with any comments or questions regarding my web-site at) [email protected]

Many consumers and Real Estate Agents are under the impression that Home Inspectors are required to be licensed, certified, or are otherwise regulated by The State of California. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Anyone can place a yellow page ad or set up a web site and perform home inspections for a fee in California without worry that the State Contractors Board, Department of Real Estate, Department of Consumer Affairs, or The Department of Insurance will be looking over their shoulder. There are no insurance requirements either!!! That’s why it is important to select a Home Inspector who has been thoroughly trained, has experience, carries Errors and Omissions Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and participates in regular ongoing continuing education. And make them PROVE it!!! Any legitimate Home Inspector carries a copy of their industry affiliations and current certificate of insurance with them… If the inspection fee seems unusually low by comparison, there’s probably a good reason why…

90 Day Home Inspection Guarantee: I offer a 90 Day Limited Guarantee with every Home Inspection I perform. (Age and System restrictions apply)

AREI Inspection Guarantee

Un-Conditional 100% Price Guarantee: I will match ANY firm price you get from any other Inspector with my credentials, who issues a narrative style computer generated report, and has a current and comparable E & O insurance policy with General Liability coverage in force. (Within our immediate service area)

My prices are posted on the Fees page, but I would ask you to visit that page later. My fees are very competitive in relation to other inspectors with my credentials. (Less than 5% of Inspectors in California have CREIA “Master” Certification) Not to mention full insurance coverage; estimates are that less than 50% actually have E & O coverage. If we all had it; it wouldn’t be so dang expensive.

Please browse around my web site and take your time… ┬áMenu tab is on the header below the company name.

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