Commercial Inspections

I spent over twenty years in a factory environment and am fully qualified, trained, and insured to perform Commercial Inspections. I have inspected and reported on; Churches, Industrial Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip Centers, Country Clubs, and Auto Repair Facilities.

(**) For extra large or complex properties I work with one or more of several independent associate Contractors; a Licensed C-39 Roofing Contractor, a Licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor, and an Electrical Engineer. These associates are also CREIA members and/or affiliate members. This is one of the best Commercial Inspection teams in the area, possibly the state. I also have direct associate access to a Structural Engineer, Architect, C-8 Concrete Contractor, Industrial Hygienist, Mold Remediation Contractor, and several other local specialists including other Certified CREIA inspectors in our area. (**)

**The decision to use other associate contractors or inspectors is based upon the complexities of the inspection. American Real Estate Inspection reserves the right to determine the need for other specialists or inspectors. Specialists or other Inspectors will be identified on written quotes and reports, they are paid sub-contractors working as independent associates of American Real Estate Inspection or American Real Estate Services, a Licensed General Contractor, (# 824670) **

Due to their complexity, most Commercial Inspections require a site visit or Google Earth survey before I can issue a written quotation. Any phone estimates are just that; “estimates”…

Inspections performed per CREIA Commercial Standards of Practice.

Sample Reports and Inspection Documents:

Sample Report: Commercial Sample Report

Sample Report: Commercial Sample Report II

Commercial Standards: CREIA Commercial Standards of Practice

Commercial Agreement/Contract: Commercial_Agreement

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