Home Inspection Cost

My fees vary greatly depending on the property details. No two properties are alike, regardless of square footage. I need to review the property before I can quote a firm price.    Please call or text me with the property details and address for firm quote at 951-522-9478

I would also implore you to compare apples to apples in regard to pricing..  I am a “CREIA MASTER CERTIFIED INSPECTOR”, ICC Certified RCI, and a Licensed General Contractor. Please check around for pricing from other “CREIA Master Inspectors” before you decide I am overpriced. I am very competitive in regard to other inspectors with my credentials and experience.. (See The Inspector Page)

Homes and buildings are as different as automobiles, as such, the prices vary greatly as do my inspection fees. Common sense would dictate that inspection fees differ depending on the amount of site work time and inspection report writing time needed to fully inspect all systems and report my findings in detail.  Older structures and properties with more systems are more expensive than newer structures with smaller footprints.  

Please call, text, or email me for a detailed quotation.  I will need the location, age, square footage and a description of any additional or unusual features to include in the inspection. (Address prefered) These would include Under floor crawlspaces – Basements – Swimming Pools or Spas – Detached Buildings – Guest Houses – Guest Quarters – Kitchenettes – Casitas – Detached Workshops Etc…  

Call or Text – 951-522-9478 – Email – [email protected]

(We reserve the right to decline our service at any time) This includes at the job site

I get paid on the job, I do accept Credit Cards.

Escrow Billing:

There is a processing fee of $225.00 to bill escrow, you would be surprised at how much time I spend chasing escrow money, some of which I never see.  If the Inspection fee, and/or processing fee is not paid from Escrow for any reason, there will be an additional $150.00 processing fee to bill you directly after escrow closes…  These fees are earned, and payable, whether you buy the house or not…. 

John Fogerty

PS… If you know this guy, (No, not me) you might qualify for a Senior Discount!!!    Hint… “CCR”

Call or Text – 951-522-9478

email [email protected]

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