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I am a “Certified Mobile Home Inspector” (American Institute of inspectors Certification # M-3096) Yes, I know they are called Manufactured Homes now; never the less, they are hauled onto the site on wheels, so they were mobile at one time. Call them what you like; they are a breed unto their own. They’re as tough as nails to be sure; try hauling a sticks and bricks structure fifty-five miles an hour down the freeway, or over a set of railroad tracks; it ain’t gonna happen. They have their idiosyncrasies though; they require a trained eye and an informed review that many take for granted, especially the crawl space. Call around and you’ll often find them cheaper to inspect than site construction; I don’t see it that way, my fees are the same as for a site built house plus a crawl space fee.  I’ve inspected a good number of them and they often present unusual and unique challenges not found in standard construction. The fact that they are so tough often exacerbates issues because the owner never knows there is a problem; problems can easily fester and get worse while all seems well. Not only that, much of the repair work is done by the owner or a local handyman and not fully checked out or approved. Never skimp on the crawlspace inspection, go over to the opening and watch the inspection, if the inspector can’t get around under the house and do a thorough crawl space inspection, hire someone else, who can finish the job.

Sample Report:    Manufactured Home Report


Manufactured Home. The manufactured home is constructed to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, a uniform building standard administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code). Over 97 percent of all homes constructed in California factories meet this code. These are usually assembled at a factory.

Mobilehomes. These homes were constructed to comply with standards enforced by the State of California prior to June 15, 1976. when the federal preemptive HUD Code became effective. Mobile homes have not been constructed since this date, same animal, different name; Manufactured Home.

Factory-Built “Modular” Homes. Factory-built “Modular” homes are constructed to comply with the California Administrative Code. About three percent of all factory homes produced in California meet this code. They are normally assembled on site.

413 or 433. Commonly called a “Permanent Foundation Certification” The Department of Housing and Community Development forms 413 and 433 are not necessarily an indication that the mobile home is mounted on a secured foundation, these forms are usually an indication that the wheels, axles, and towing devices have been removed to prevent easy removal of the coach from its location, and that some sort of fixed support system has been added to the underside of the structure. This could range from un-secured metal piers on wooden planks to fully anchored and seismically braced concrete/steel attachments. Most coaches in this area do not have modern seismically attached foundational systems unless they have been retrofitted with a Perma-Brace, or other attached and anchored type of attachment system sometime after the Northridge Earthquake..

Crawl Space. Mobile and Manufactured Homes are usually on raised leveling/attachment system; the inspection of the raised structure system is not a seismic or structural inspection. Our inspection is to determine and report on the type and condition of attachments, plumbing, electric, venting, ductwork etc; and to check for moisture intrusion or leakage. The inspection is intended to give you an overview of the systems and attachments; it simply is not possible to inspect every square foot of the crawl space during a standard inspection. Refer to The Standards of Practice, Section 1: A & B, as well as Section 13 in its entirety for further clarification.

Fees: Don’t get suckered into thinking that these puppies are “cheaper” than sticks and bricks construction; it just don’t add up. My Mobile/Manufactured fees are the same as my fees for standard construction plus the crawl space fee of $150.00.

I am Mobile Home Certified by The American Institute of Inspectors, #M-3096. Please call or text me for a firm quote. 951-522-9478

PS…  I live in a Manufactured Home

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